Memory loss is one of the most traumatic side effects of dementia, both for patients and their loved ones. The BikeAround, which pairs a stationary bike with Google Street View, was developed to take patients on a virtual ride down memory lane – a childhood home for instance – and then use the pedals and handlebars to “bike around” their old neighbourhoods.

Our strongest memories are intensely tied to location. It’s no coincidence that when you think about any big memory or past event, your first thought is often “Where was I when that happened?” The BikeAround taps into this idea, by combining mental stimulation from surrounding the patient with places they recognize, and physical stimulation from pedaling and steering. Scientists believe this pairing produces dopamine in the brain and has the potential to affect memory management in a profound way.

Today, the BikeAround is making a profound impact on individuals living in seniors’ residences around the world. Our research has shown the BikeAround’s ability to: recall memory and stimulate cognitive activity, inspire conversation and social interaction, and create positive change in mood and emotional state. We have also witnessed the BikeAround become a routine part of family visits – as family members “bike around” familiar neighbourhoods together, reminiscing of days past, creating a more meaningful experience for both the resident and family members.

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